Sotheby’s Hong Kong Autumn Sales 2011

The Sotheby’s International Realty Property Desk at the Autumn Auction in HK, showcasing our fabulous double pool villa listing.

SOTHEBY’S HONG KONG AUTUMN SALE  2011 (October 1-6) achieved over HKD 3.2 billion / USD 411 million (estimate: HKD 2.7 billion / USD 350 million) with over 3,000 lots sold -  the second highest total ever for a sale series at Sotheby’s Hong Kong.

Patti Wong, Chairman of Sotheby’s Asia, said: “Following on from our strong Hong Kong sale series this past Spring, Sotheby’s international network has been extraordinarily successful in sourcing some remarkable collections across a range of categories from around the world – from Europe comes the second part of one of the world’s  great private collections of Imperial Porcelain, Fine Chinese Paintings and 20th Century Chinese Oils from English, European and American collections built up over different periods during the past 50 years, Contemporary Asian Art from the Collection of Belgian Baron Guy Ullens, and wine from an extraordinary cellar in America.  Over the past six days in the now truly international marketplace of Hong Kong, collectors from all over Asia, in particular Greater China, and from around the world, some established collectors and some new to our business, have competed with one another and with Western collectors for this group of choice works, achieving these stellar results.”

Kevin Ching, Chief Executive Officer of Sotheby’s Asia, said: “Sotheby’s Hong Kong has completed one of the most successful sales this Autumn, selling over 3,000 lots for a stunning total of over HKD 3.2 billion / USD 411 million. We have seen record various-owner sales of Contemporary Asian Art, 20th Century Chinese Art, Fine Chinese Paintings, Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite, Important Watches, and the second highest total for a various-owner sale of Southeast Asian Paintings. In addition, records were set for Ming Porcelain, the highest price per carat for a fancy vivid blue diamond and a fancy vivid orange diamond, as well as for the key 20th Century artist Zao Wou-ki. The very successful results achieved this season bring Sotheby’s Hong Kong’s 2011 Auction total to an impressive sum of HKD 7.49 billion / USD 960 million, 40% increase from the 2010 Auction total (HKD 5.34 billion / USD 685 million).”